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HyperSenses with MetaModel and ConfigurationCopy-Paste-Adapt is the most common used method to solve similar tasks or to create variants of a system (product lines or system families). The disadvantage of the method is that tasks like error correction, changes, enhancements, etc. have to be repeated for every variant. This is a time consuming, error prone and accordingly expensive way. The usage of domain specific languages (DSLs) and generators avoid those disadvantages.


HyperSenses is an environment which utilizes the advantages of model driven development to create tailor made DSLs and fitting generators. It allows developing generators for arbitrary programming languages, wherein reuse of usage-proven solutions is a central element.

HyperSenses is available as stand-alone environment and as plugin for eclipse.

Advantages of HyperSenses

Some of HyperSenses’ advantages are:

  • Reuse of usage-proven solutions
  • Combinable with agile methods
  • Specifications of DSL and generator are easy to read, as they consequently implement the WYSIWYG principle
  • Readable generated code
  • Only little effort for familiarization even without knowledge on DSLs and generators

Contact us

Contact us if you like to lear more about HyperSenses. We also support you to transform existing systems into generative systems.

Further Information

We composed further information as well as a click-through tutorial for you:

HyperSenses - Model Driven Software Development

Models, Domain-specific Languages and Generators

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HyperSenses - Tutorial: Getting Started

With HyperSenses, Delta has made a Model Driven Software Development Environment especially for the domain of the software generators. In this way it is possible to develop high quality generators for even small or specialized tasks in a cost effective and maintainable way.

Our tutorial introduces you to the elements of HyperSenses (Meta model, pattern, configuration, DSL, ...).

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"HyperSenses has enabled HT Applications to support of a manifold of platform and customer variants of our smartphone apps without the burden of implementing the same functionality over and over again."
Hessel van Tuinen, CEO, HT Applications, The Netherlands




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