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AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery is an innovative analysis tool that helps you to improve your understanding of your COBOL, PL/I and Delta ADS applications and to ensure the relevant functionality.

Do you Understand your Application?!

Most large applications have grown over many years and have become more complex by nature. These applications will be more and more difficult to maintain for the successors of the original developers. The knowledge about the application is steadily declining. As a result, understanding these applications is becoming increasingly difficult. Maintenance, further development and modernization are made difficult, if not impossible. Understanding your legacy system is essential – also during a re-development.

From HOW to WHAT

The first necessary step on the way to understand an application is gathering information about how it has been implemented. But statements about the actual functions cannot be made on this basis. AMELIO Logic Discovery therefore gathers not only information about HOW the application has been implemented but also WHAT has been implemented.

AMELIO Logic DiscoveryAMELIO Logic Discovery

… the comprehensive system for the automatic analysis of large and complex applications

  • Derives knowledge about the functions of the applications from the implementation details
  • Does not only analyse per component but also analyses all components in relation with each other
  • Separates application logic from the technical infrastructure
  • Provides a model oriented representation of the analysis results, which makes them available as language-neutral documentation or specification
  • Provides extensive analyses for COBOL and PL/I
  • Has additional analysis functionality for Delta ADS

"AMELIO facilitates refactoring enormously. AMELIO Dead code analysis are of great help: manageable, fast overview."
Friedrich Pohle, Deputy Head of Department, Valida Pension AG

No "one size fits all" Solution

Due to its configurability AMELIO Logic Discovery can be perfectly tailored and optimized for your requirements. 
For example for:

  • Maintenance and quality assurance
  • Modernization Refactoring or re-implementation
  • Taking charge of unfamiliar software

So arbeitet AMELIO Logic Discovery...AMELIO Logic Discovery: The Workflow

AMELIO Logic Discovery - Spring-Clean Your COBOL- and PL/I-Applications

Spring is coming and the sun brings light into flats and houses. Dust and dirt being collected unrecognized during the dark reason now gets visible. Thus in many households the spring-cleaning is started. How about extending your spring-cleaning also to your COBOL- and PL/I-applications?

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Predicate BEST OF 2015 for AMELIO Logic DiscoveryPredicate BEST OF 2015 for AMELIO Logic Discovery

The "Initiative Mittelstand" (Initiative for Small and Medium-sized Businesses) awarded AMELIO Logic Discovery with the predicate BEST OF 2015.



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