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Visual StudioADS on Visual Studio integrates the Delta ADS development tools into the modern development environment Microsoft Visual Studio.

Using different development platforms is uncomfortable and inefficient. For this reason many enterprises want to standardize their development environments. Besides Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio is the most used development environment. That is why we now provide ADS on Visual Studio in addition to ADS on Eclipse. In this way, you can comfortably develop with ADS, C#, Java, COBOL, PL/I and other languages in one integrated development environment.

ADS on Visual StudioADS on Visual Studio

With ADS on Visual Studio you can now standardize your working environments for the application development. ADS on Visual Studio smoothly integrates all ADS tools into your individual development environment on Microsoft Visual Studio:

  • ADS editors
  • ADS generators
  • ADS Post-Generation Debugger
  • ADS reports and analyses
  • ADS documentation

ADS Generators

You can start the ADS generators directly from the Visual Studio environment. The configuration is conveniently defined using the standard property dialogs.

An individual window is available for displaying the generation lists. In addition, the macros called during the generation will be displayed in a separate Cross Reference window.

You will see the generator messages directly at the right place within the source code as well as collected in the Error List window for the entire solution.

ADS Post-Generation Debugger

The Post-Generation Debugger is directly integrated in Visual Studio and you can switch between the code editing and the debugger at any time.

ADS Report Wizard

A wizard supports you in creating and configuring reports and analyses. You will gain detailed documentation about your applications directly in your working environment: Coverage and Dead Code Analyses, Call Trees, Cross Reference Reports and many more.

Bedag Relies on Delta ADS on Visual Studio

The Bedag Informatik AG modernises its development environment and combines the development in C# and Delta ADS in a .NET framework under Microsoft Visual Studio.

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