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With its new functions ADS 6 for PL/I helps to develop, maintain and test the PL/I applications generated with ADS and the application frameworks created with ADS MACRO more efficiently:

  • ADS 6 for PL/I improves the comprehension of the PL/I applications developed with ADS.
  • Language extensions for ADS MACRO simplify the development and maintenance of application frameworks.
  • The Macro Optimizer ensures a better readability and maintainability of the existing macros.
  • The Post-Generation Debugger simplifies the comprehension and the test of the generation process.
  • Reports support the maintenance and help to (re)document the applications.
  • Analyses provide reliable information for the assessment of the applications.
ADS on Eclipse - PL/I
ADS on Eclipse - PL/I

With the final release ADS 6 for PL/I is now available for all target platforms (operating systems, TP monitors und databases). Please find here an overview of all target platforms.




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