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ADS is Delta's proven solution for the generative development of operational back-end applications in COBOL and PL/I. ADS enables you to develop, maintain and support your online and batch programs independent of platform specific considerations such as operating system, database management system and TP monitor.

"The Delta products bring a tremendous boost to productivity in development and maintenance. We know that based on more than 20 years of experience. This is real added value."
Rainer Neuhaus, Development Manager, Kanton Aargau, Switzerland

ADS is one of the most successful IT application development systems ever released in the enterprise market. A sophisticated and comprehensive generator technology enables the tool-based creation of platform independent online applications and batch applications in COBOL and PL/I. In order to facilitate the object-based database integration, ADS also contains extensive support for generating Data Access Servers.

The developer creates ADS programs with easily maintainable, logical language elements. Powerful generators connect the system neutral descriptions of the applications with the specific code for the selected target platform, including operating system, compiler, database system and TP monitor.

ADS generates high performance applications in the native COBOL or PL/I code of the selected target platform. The generated code is compiled and linked in exactly the same way as a traditionally developed program. Once the code has been generated ADS is no longer involved – there is no interpretive runtime or such approaches with ADS. Thanks to our native code technology all system management, debugging, testing, audit, security control and other system tools can be used with ADS applications.

This process of program assembly is reproducible anytime. Maintenance and further development of the applications is performed at the logical level that is input to the generator. It is never necessary to modify any of the generated code.

Our customers have implemented extremely large applications by using Delta ADS: including billions of generated LOC and hundreds of thousands of programs. According to statements of our customers, only a few developers are needed to maintain and further develop thousands of programs. The development with ADS is stable, reliable and very efficient.

The New ADS 6 for Even More Productivity in Application Development

ADS 6 provides the functions that help you to better understand your Delta ADS applications. The new functions and language extensions improve the readability and maintainability of the applications. With the new release of ADS the development and maintenance gets even more efficient.






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