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AMELIO Modernization Platform

New technical demands and legal regulations as well as new technologies and modernization projects frequently require the modification of the large productive legacy applications. The necessary mass changes in the COBOL and PL/I applications that have grown over decades cause high costs and are a risk for the ongoing business operation.

If you have large legacy applications in your organisation, you certainly should know about the possibilities of AMELIO.

AMELIO Modernization Platform drastically reduces the risks and costs of platform changes, application modernisations and database migrations because AMELIO completely automates the changes.

AMELIO Modernization Platform drastically reduces the risks and costs of platform changes, application modernisations and database migrations because AMELIO completely automates the changes.

Mass Changes in Productive Systems

Changes across all existing applications belong to the permanent tasks of the IT departments in large enterprises. They are initiated by new IT strategies, changed business processes, legal regulations which must be met by given deadlines, and the like.
The more extensive, complex and interconnected the applications are, the higher are the risks and costs of such projects. If – without endangering the ongoing business operation – thousands of modules of the productive application systems have to be changed, the answers to the following questions are essential:

  • How can you ensure the consistency and quality of the changes?
  • How do you avoid blocking other projects by the changes and - in reverse – how do you integrate the changes from other projects into the mass changes?
  • How do you guarantee the security and stability of the productive systems?
  • How do you get the expenditure under control as well as the costs and the temporal organisation for testing?

100% Automation with AMELIO Modernization Platform

AMELIO Modernization Platform is a perfectly tailored factory that completely automates extensive and complex changes of large applications – 100%.

  • AMELIO changes the code consistently, reproducibly and absolutely error-free.
  • AMELIO documents all decisions and changes audit proven.
  • AMELIO supplies easily maintainable code for the further development.
  • AMELIO enormously reduces the test expenditure.

The capabilities and the efficiency of AMELIO open up absolutely new possibilities for planning and conducting large projects.

  • Project strategies can be verified with the entire volume.
  • Other projects are not blocked.
  • Transformation schedules can be selected at will, freeze periods are extremely short.

These are only a few of the advantages that AMELIO offers. You can learn more about the AMELIO Modernization Platform on our Web site.

What Do Our Customers Say about AMELIO?

„...The extent to which AMELIO automated the project was truly amazing. The tool delivered absolutely reliable results. Thanks to AMELIO this essential project was completed on time and within budget..."
Jürgen Mülders, Service Manager, T-Systems Enterprise Services, Germany

Our report on the AMELIO project at RDW, the Dutch Vehicle Authority, gives you an impression of how efficient the AMELIO Modernization Platform really is. RDW used AMELIO successfully for a very extensive and ambitious modernization project comprising not only a platform change and database migration but also an application modernisation:

  • More than 10,000 modules,
  • More than 10 million LOCs,
  • More than 1 million individual changes.

"AMELIO Modernization Platform is the reliable solution for the systematic modernisation of our complex applications – 100% automated, tailor‐made and generative. Using AMELIO we were able to accomplish this demanding large project faster and with less resource."
Carine Joosse, ICT Manager Projects, RDW, The Netherlands

How Can You Profit from AMELIO Modernization Platform?

Due to its flexible architecture AMELIO can be used for very different modernisation and migration projects.

You can obtain further information about the AMELIO Modernization Platform on our Web site, including a summary of typical AMELO scenarios, a list of supported platforms as well as explanations concerning the technology behind AMELIO.

You Would Like to Know More?

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how the AMELIO Modernization Platform can help you to conduct changes to your applications securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated. If you have large legacy applications in your organisation you certainly show know about the possibilities with AMELIO.

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