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Our training courses and workshop help you to use Delta’s tools efficiently and to optimise the development of your applications.

  • You will quickly be familiarised with the products, solutions and technologies – taking into account your key areas of application.
  • Our training courses are practice-oriented: The participants receive comprehensive information on the methodological background as well as on the use of techniques and tools and they practice with typical tasks.
  • We adapt the trainings, workshops and seminar to your needs regarding the Delta tools that you use and your specific training requirements.
  • All trainings can be performed at our premises as well as in-house at your site.

Standard Courses and Workshops

Delta has trained more than 10,000 professional developers in the use of Delta products. Training is available in a range of forms that can be tailored to best meet your specific needs.

Our standard product courses are generally held in our offices in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany. They also can be presented on-site, which is often a cost-effective solution when multiple team members need to be trained.

A workshop unites information exchange and training. It is well suited to meeting concrete needs in a specific project situation. The workshops are notable for the intensive support of the workshop leader who is able to react to project specific question and scenarios.

We offer standard training courses and workshops for the following areas:

  • ADS for COBOL and PL/I - The proven application development system for the platform-independent development of future-proof back-end applications.
  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges - Deltas tool for the intelligent service enablement and the re-use of well-established enterprise core business applications with new technologies and in new application scenarios.
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - The innovative analysis tool that helps you to better understand your COBOL, PL/I and ADS applications and to enhance the efficiency and security for the further development, maintenance and modernisation.

Individual Training

We also offer specific customised training courses and workshops that go beyond our standard syllabus and will meet your specific technology and business goals. Custom training courses are a proven way of quickly training your staff in new products and technologies and giving them the specific knowledge and skills they need to start being effective from day one.

We are happy to work with you to analyse, design and plan your specific training requirements.
Please contact us via your local sales contact or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

myDelta is a password protected part of the Delta Web site that is only available to customers and other authorized users. You can login to myDelta here. If you do not yet have your userid and password for myDelta then please complete this short registration form.

The myDelta site gives you additional support and product information to make your use of Delta products and services more effective. The information and services available at myDelta currently include:

  • Documentation Download - Here you can download the current versions of all the Delta product documentation in a range of different formats. You can also order a copy of the latest Documentation Library.
  • Release Notes - Online access to the release for the current and all previous versions of each Delta product, allowing you to quickly check what has changed since your currently installed version.
  • Request Software Key - If you have changed your workstation hardware and/or software significantly then you will need a new software key. You can obtain a 20-day temporary key here.
  • Submit Problem Report - Here you can submit a problem report directly into Delta’s distributed support system.
  • Support News - Information about the latest changes to the Web site, product releases and patches, documentation updates etc.
  • Version Reference - The latest release numbers of all Delta products and information about the  current product status.

If you have any questions about myDelta please contact your local sales or support organisation.

Delta focuses on delivering the documentation that professional developers really need. Delta has developed a comprehensive collection of in-depth technical product documentation that gives you the right combination of detailed technical knowledge and a broader insight into the product. This unique combination gives you the knowledge and information you need to get the best out of your investment in Delta tools.

Delta documentation is provided online in a variety of formats. While online documentation in formats such as Windows Help and HTML are great for online reference from within the tools, we also recognize that many people like to print some or all of the documentation for reference. We therefore also provide all documentation in Adobe PDF format.

All product documentation is available in English and German. Selected manuals are available in other languages based on demand.

Documentation LibraryEach product installation is accompanied by a Documentation Library that contains over 400MB of documentation for the complete set of Delta products. You can install some or all of this documentation to your local disk or to shared server folder for faster access. Alternately, you can refer to the Documentation Library directly.

The Documentation Library is updated on a regular basis. Customers are notified of changes via the regular Support Newsletter. New and updated documentation can also be downloaded from the myDelta support site.

If you have any questions on documentation then please contact your local support organisation. Alternatively you can contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Many of Delta Group's team have worked with the product range for 15+ years and can offer customers and partners a unique understanding of Delta's technology and best practices for effective long-term use in an enterprise environment.

Our consultants work with your project team, coaching them in the use of Delta products with your specific project requirements and technology infrastructure. By working with Delta you can:

  • Reduce the start-up time for your projects.
  • Leverage the broad real-world experience of our consultants to multiply your productivity even more.
  • Accelerate the return on investment you have made in Delta products and services.

If you have any questions on consulting services then please contact your local sales or support organisation.

This course is for developers who already have some experience with ADS.

The core business applications developed with ADS are very often are productive for decades. As a result, new developers take over the further development and maintenance of the applications who know ADS from other areas of application or from earlier times. It is worthwhile to update the knowledge about the functionality and the possibilities of ADS in order to achieve the best possible quality in the maintenance of your ADS applications.

Training Objectives

The knowledge of the participants about the use of ADS will be updated and gaps will be closed. The training enables the developers to efficiently further develop and maintain ADS applications.


  • Concepts and methodology of the generative development technology of ADS
  • Usage of ADS tools
  • Program development
  • Macro technology
  • Code structuring
  • Decision tables
  • Data encapsulation
  • Report generation
  • Data access layer implementation
  • Test aids
  • Exercises and examples

Target Audience

Application developers who already have some experience in the application development with ADS


2 days




On request


We are happy to work with you to analyse, design and plan your specific training requirements.
Please contact us via your local sales contact or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

ADS on Eclipse is a modern environment for the efficient development and maintenance of your ADS applications, even if the applications run on Unix systems or on mainframes.

This training course introduces ADS developers to working in an Eclipse environment with seamlessly integrated ADS tools.

Training Objectives

The participants learn about the various possibilities of application development with ADS under Eclipse.


Introduction to the work environment for the application development with ADS on Eclipse

ADS tools in the Eclipse environment

ADS editors

  • Chroma coding
  • Code folding
  • Code Assistants with extendible templates for macro statements and processor calls
  • Navigation in large source modules

Generative ADS tools

  • Configuration and execution of ADS tools in the Eclipse environment
  • Generation lists and macro cross-references
  • (Back-)tracking of messages in complex applications

ADS Post-Generation Debugger

ADS Reports and Analyses

  • Creation and configuration of reports and analyses using ADS Report Wizard
  • Application documentation using Coverage and Dead Code-Analyses, Call Trees, usage reports, etc.

ADS documentation

Target Audience

Application developers who already have profound experience in the application development with ADS


2 days




On request


We are happy to work with you to analyse, design and plan your specific training requirements.

Please contact us via your local sales contact or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Simply Automate Software Development!

Weiter zur Entwicklung...Development: Efficiently Generated

Create data services with only a few clicks, generate software for variants and different platforms, speed up your (product line) development with software generators.

More about Integration...Integration: Simply Building Bridges

Reuse legacy functions in SOA, build composite applications and business services, join different database architectures.

More about Modernisation...Modernisation: Really Safe

Understand legacy applications, automate migrations, mass changes and architecture transformations.

August: We have released new versions of the following products:

  • AMELIO Logic Discovery 1.5.0
  • ADS on Eclipse 6.8.0
  • ADS 6 for COBOL 6.2.0

You can find more information about new features and fixes at the support area.