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A selection of case studies from Public Administrations and general trade companies using Delta products and services:

  • Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann –  The leading German steel producer Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann (HKM) has selected SCORE Adaptive Bridges. Delta's generative development tool will be used in the “Online Steelworks” project to automate service development. The "Online Steelworks" application controls and administers the core steel production process.
  • RDW – gained future reliability and reduced costs by a full IT modernisation in 3 steps: optimisation of the development processes and off-loading from mainframe to PC, removing all platform dependencies and modernisation of the application architecture, error-free platform and database change.
  • Schorch – Schorch has benefited several times from the sustainability and long-term feasibility of platform-neutral development with Delta products. The migration of the production management from Fujitsu BS2000/OSD mainframe to Microsoft Windows took place “at the push of a button” and provided the expected cost-reduction. In an earlier project Schorch has already seen how applications can be successfully modernised: by the automatic service enablement of strategically important business functions without changing the existing legacy applications.
  • B+S Banksysteme - Has one of the largest application systems that has been developed with Delta tools. In April 2012 B+S started to introduce the pre-release of ADS 6 in order to again increase the efficiency and quality of their software development and maintenance.

B+S Banksysteme AGB+S Banksysteme AG (B+S) has one of the largest application systems that has been developed with Delta tools. In April 2012 B+S started to introduce the pre-release of ADS 6 in order to again increase the efficiency and quality of their software development and maintenance.

Generative Development with ADS

B+S successfully uses the generative development system Delta ADS for the development of their products already for decades. More than 300 million lines of code are generated for four completely different platforms every year. "For more than 20 years now we successfully use Delta tools to develop and maintain our large scale and complex banking solutions. The excellent implementation of the principle of generative software development by all Delta tools enables us to develop our software products platform independently and with the highest possible degree of automation. Thereby we meet our customers’ demands on reliability and quality.", says Wilhelm Berger, CFO at B+S.

Experiences with the new ADS 6

In April 2012, B+S started to introduce the pre-release of ADS 6. Oswald Klackl, head of architecture & quality management at B+S, about the new functions: "The new ADS 6 enables us to further improve the efficiency and quality of our software development and maintenance. For example, new functions for the detailed documentation and description of the generating process help us to securely and fast perform changes and enhancements on our large scale and complex applications."

About B+S Banksysteme AG

B+S Banksysteme Aktiengesellschaft (B+S) supports banks, data centres and core banking manufacturers with customizable standard software and with powerful, flexible and scalable application packages for financial management. The products of the company which is listed at the Frankfurt stock exchange are completely platform-independent and due to their standard interfaces they can flexibly be integrated. They are multi-client and multi-currency capable as well as multilingual.

Further information on B+S: (website only available in german)

More about ADS 6

You want to benefit from the new functions of ADS 6 as well? Then order your update now.


Delta has a proven track record of building long-term working relationships with our customers. Read what some of them have to say about Delta products:

We are particularly proud of the statement by Gerard Doll, Director ICT RDW, regarding the successful co-operation with us:

"Working with the people from Delta proved to be a very good choice. They delivered when other companies couldn’t. From RDW’s point of view Delta is a highly dedicated company with an even higher level of expertise. All the people from Delta we met have this dedication and expertise. And as a bonus: they are also very nice people to work with.
We have done business with a lot of companies but this is the first time I can, without holding back, truly recommend one: Delta has proven that it is a reliable and trustworthy partner."
Gerard Doll, Manager ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

You can find detailed information for selected customer projects in our references.

Leading organisations in the banking and insurance market, mail and telecom providers, industrial enterprises, public administrations, software companies and system integrators in Europe and all over the world increase the quality and productivity of the development, integration and modernisation of individual software applications by using our solutions.
We have selected just some of these customers to give you an impression of the wide range of large and well-known companies that use Delta products for their mission-critical applications:

  • Banking and Insurance
    • BCP, BSQ, Deutsche Bundebank, Zürcher Kantonalbank, ...
    • AON, AXA, Generali, Gothaer, RSI, Medicare, Zurich, ...
  • Software Houses, Post, Telecom
  • Trade and Public Administration


  • References – Read detailed case studies from customer projects to understand how they used Delta products and the benefits to their business.
  • Customer Quotes – Read some of the nice things that customers have said about Delta’s products and services and how they have helped them meet demanding business and technical challenges.

RDW Modernizes Multi-Platform Development with SCOUT²

"Delta’s SCOUT² Development Platform not only allows us to support our Unisys OS2200 mainframe and PC-based development processes, but it is also fully embraces our special security and quality management processes."
Gerard Doll, Manager ICT, RDW, The Netherlands

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Schorch - Automatic Service Enablement with SCORE Adaptive Bridges

Schorch quickly and easily integrate their mainframe legacy applications into their enterprise portal using SCORE Adaptive Bridges from Delta Software Technology.

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WGKK - Wiener GebietskrankenkasseWGKK decided for the automated modernization with AMELIO Modernization Platform from Delta Software Technology, because two goals could be achieved at one go:

  1. Faster applications by modernizing the data accesses.
  2. Platform independency to simplify the migration to more cost-effective platforms later on.

About WGKK

Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse (WGKK – Vienna health insurance) provides - together with its contractual partners - efficient and profound medical care for its 1.124.000 insurants and their 400.000 non-contributory relatives. It is a public corporation and organized as self-government - just like the other Austrian social insurances. This form of organization guarantees to be as close as possible to the insurants and independent from state.

The WGKK continuously extends its services to conform to the social and rapid medical developments.

Increased Performance and Simplified Platform Migration

With the help of AMELIO Modernization Platform from Delta Software Technology, the WGKK replaced all database accesses previously using an Assembler call interface with Embedded SQL (ESQL). By this modernization WGKK could increase the performance of the application package “Leistungen” for insurance payments and services significantly. At the same time the modernized applications became portable and thus were prepared for a platform migration.

"AMELIO allowed us to build a modernization factory that reduced the effort needed for a critical SQL migration project in our core UNISYS OS 2200 applications by 70%.
Our trust in AMELIO was also repeatedly confirmed in other transformation projects, including Y2K and an ACOB/UCOB COBOL compiler migration project"
Dieter Zink, IT Director, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse, Austria

Success Story WGKK - Increasing Performance with AMELIO

The WGKK could increase the performance of their applications significantly by the modernisation with AMELIO Modernization Platform from Delta Software Technology. The complex and slow data accesses using Assembler have been replaced by performant Embedded SQL. The simultaneously achieved portability of the applications simplified the migration to more cost-effective platforms.

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Further Information

All our solutions are designed to perform changes securely and smoothly. We are specialists for software tools that completely automate technical tasks.

Our solutions are flexible and individually adaptable. They help you with

Further information on the products successfully used at WGKK can be found here

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Suva - Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt


SuvaSuva use Generative Programming Tools to Maximize Return on Investment when Integrating Legacy COBOL Applications in a Thin-Client Architecture

Suva is the Swiss national accident insurance organization covering 100,000 companies and 1.9 million people. Their challenge was to migrate critical applications from legacy OS/2 fat clients to a distributed thin-client architecture using Java GUI, Windows 2000 servers and Citrix MetaFrame connected to IBM AIX servers with Oracle WebLogic and a central DB2 database running on IBM S/390 mainframes.



"We set an aggressive schedule for this project. We were impressed that using SCORE Integration Suite we managed to consistently achieve productivity improvements of 400% to 600%. We are now working on our strategy for future projects with Delta."
Thomas Müller, Manager Application Architecture and Methods, Suva

The critical business and data access tiers of Suva’s application were developed in COBOL and had to be directly reusable in the new architecture. The presentation tier was to be redeveloped using Java. Oracle Tuxedo was selected for communication from Java clients and the application server.

After a careful evaluation Suva selected SCORE Integration Suite from Delta Software Technology to migrate these critical business applications to the new thin-client architecture.

SCORE Integration Suite is a cost-effective and highly productive solution for exploiting the value of existing legacy applications and data stores by service-based integration. SCORE Integration Suite combines integrated software tools, processes and related professional services to create adaptive services with interface intelligence, service agility and service quality.

In this project SCORE Integration Suite provided Suva with a quick and easy way of taking their existing COBOL business logic and data access tiers and directly reusing them within their very different new architecture. SCORE Integration Suite generated all necessary server-side component and middleware frames in native COBOL to expose existing functionality as services with well-defined interfaces.

Client-side proxies were generated in Java to allow the services to be used by the new Java clients. The platform portability of SCORE Integration Suite enables Suva to use the same server instances with a range of alternatives client technologies. Initial testing is already underway with J2EE/EJB clients.

"We generated services for diverse middleware and platform combinations – SCORE Integration Suite handled this effortlessly."
Thomas Müller, Manager Application Architecture and Methods, Suva

A project as large and complex as this (30,000 source files and 12,000,000 lines of code) naturally raised non-standard requirements and numerous special cases. The flexibility of SCORE Integration Suite enabled the Suva team to solve these requirements.

Using the concepts of "Generative Programming" and early versions of "Pattern By Example" and the "ANGIE" frame-based generator, the Suva team automatically generated a series of non-standard components, including a complex test framework and an additional client proxy layer to integrate with a new Java GIU framework.

Working with SAXOS Informatik AG, Delta’s distributor in Switzerland, Suva was able to maximize the return on investment in their legacy COBOL applications by directly reusing more 5,000,000 lines of COBOL code in the new architecture. The new application is now in production and supporting a full production workload with more than 2,000 clients located at Suva’s 22 branch offices throughout Switzerland.

"With SCORE Integration Suite we see the results of our long-term commitment to generative programming and other emerging technologies. They are already giving our customers a significant advantage in the market, and in today's business environment everyone needs all the help they can get."
Rüdiger Schilling, Managing Director, Delta Software Technology GmbH

Case Study - Suva

Suva uses generative programming tools from Delta Software Technology to maximise return on investment when integrating legacy COBOL applications in a distributed thin-client architecture.

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Simply Automate Software Development!

Development: Efficiently Generated

Create data services with only a few clicks, generate software for variants and different platforms, speed up your (product line) development with software generators.

Integration: Simply Building Bridges

Reuse legacy functions in SOA, build composite applications and business services, join different database architectures.

Modernisation: Really Safe

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