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Building of compiler unites research and product development

Universität-GH PaderbornOne subtask in developing the ANGIE generator system is the implementation of a compiler for the ANGIE script language.

To create the compiler, Delta Software Technology drew on the expertise and support of the "Programming languages and compilers" working group headed by professor Dr. U. Kastens at the University of Paderborn.

Compilerentwicklungsbaukasten ELIThe focus of the collaboration was the ELI compiler development toolbox, an extraordinarily powerful and robust tool used in developing and maintaining the ANGIE compiler.

Simply Automate Software Development!

Development: Efficiently Generated

Create data services with only a few clicks, generate software for variants and different platforms, speed up your (product line) development with software generators.

Integration: Simply Building Bridges

Reuse legacy functions in SOA, build composite applications and business services, join different database architectures.

Modernisation: Really Safe

Understand legacy applications, automate migrations, mass changes and architecture transformations.



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