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ADS - Application Development for COBOL and PL/I

ADS Application Development for COBOL and PL/I: Platform independent development for future-proof back-end applications.

· ADS 6 for COBOL (development on workstation) new  6.2.0
· ADS for COBOL (development on open systems or mainframe)   5.1 B
· ADS 6 for PL/I (development on workstation)   6.1 D
· ADS for PL/I (development on open systems or mainframe)  new  5.2

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ADS on ...

ADS on ...: Standardize your working environments for the application development.

· ADS on Eclipse new  6.8.1
· ADS on IBM RDz   6.7.0
· ADS on Micro Focus EDz  new  6.8.1
· ADS on SCOUT²   6.1.2
· ADS on Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 new 1.1.2
· DETAB on Eclipse new 6.8.1

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AMELIO CleanUp-Factory

With the AMELIO CleanUp Factory you can quickly and securely clean up your COBOL and PL/I as well as Delta ADS applications and thus regain the flexibility and adaptability of your core applications.

· AMELIO CleanUp-Factory  new V2018

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AMELIO Logic Discovery

AMELIO Logic Discovery: Comprehending COBOL- and PL/I-Applications: Cut costs and risks for maintenance, modernization and re-implementation.

· AMELIO Logic Discovery for COBOL new  1.5.0
· AMELIO Logic Discovery for PL/I   1.3.1
· AMELIO Logic Discovery for Delta ADS   1.3.1

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AMELIO Modernization Platform

AMELIO Modernization Platform: The tailor-made factory for the modernisation of large IT applications: 100% automatically and that's why it is safe, reliable and error-free.

· AMELIO Modernization Platform   V2018

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HyperSenses: Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators.

· HyperSenses   3.0j

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SCORE Adaptive Bridges

SCORE Adaptive Bridges: Intelligent service enablement for the reuse of proven applications with modern technologies: flexible, profitable and non-invasive.

· SCORE Adaptive Bridges   4.10

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SCORE Data Architecture Integration

SCORE Data Architecture Integration: Data as real business services: fast, easy and independent of data architectures and management systems.

· SCORE Data Architecture Integration   4.10

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SCOUT² Development Platform

SCOUT² Development Platform: Optimized and integrated development processes across all software components, tools and platforms.

· SCOUT² Development Platform   4.6

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Application Areas

Our customers use our tools for a diverse range of tasks:

  • From automating individual development tasks to automating entire project workflows,
  • From generating for a single platform to building entire factories for the modernization of legacy applications,
  • From using our tools as standard products to building generators to automate their software production,
  • From "simple" migrations to the transformation of complete software systems,
  • From the appropriate functional application integration to building service-oriented architectures (SOA).

Our industry-independent horizontal tools can be used with all software architectures, technologies, platforms and languages and can interconnect them perfectly.

Our tools help you to build applications that can quickly and securely adapt to changing business requirements, technical infrastructure and available resources. They help you to benefit from an ever-changing world.


As “The Generator Company”, we combine our standard products, our core technologies, the latest research results and focused professional services to provide you with tailor-made solutions.

  • SCORE Adaptive Bridges – Make your mission-critical COBOL applications and your data quickly and securely available as real services for new applications.
  • SCORE Data Architecture Integration – Data as real business services: fast, easy and independent of data architectures and management systems.
  • SCOUT² Development Platform – Improve the productivity and reliability of your development processes with an integrated view of all software components, tools, processes and platforms.
  • AMELIO Modernization Platform – Change your large-scale IT applications with a tailor-made factory: securely, reliably, error-free and 100% automated.
  • AMELIO Logic Discovery - helps to understand the existing COBOL and PL/I applications and thus reduces the costs for re-implementation of the existing functions and for the modernization of the applications.
  • ADS Application Development for COBOL and PL/I – Increase the value of your existing applications. Add new functionality to your applications using your existing technologies and platforms.
  • ADS on Eclipse - With ADS on Eclipse you now can standardize your working environments for the application development.
  • HyperSenses – Integrated system for model driven development of DSLs and software generators
  • Emerging Technologies – Delta's strategic area comprising all important base technologies for the development and application of software generators.

Delta has a 40-year track record of successfully delivering advanced software generator technology to Europe’s leading organisations, including ADAC, ArcelorMittal, AquilaHeywood, AMP, B+S Banksysteme, Daimler, DBV-Winterthur, Datenzentrale Baden-Württemberg, Deutsche Bundesbank, Deutsche Telekom, Generali, Goldman Sachs, Grupo Edson Queiroz, Hütte Krupp Mannesmann, La Poste, Liechtensteinische Landesbank, Logica E&U Solutions, MAN, METRO, One Steel, RDW, Schorch, SmartStream, Sollac, Suva, Swisscom, T-Systems, UBS, Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse.


AMELIO Logic Discovery

SCORE® Adaptive Bridges™
Intelligentes Service Enablement für die Wiederverwendung bewährter Anwendungen mit modernsten Technologien: Flexibel, rentabel und non-invasiv.

AMELIO® Modernization Platform™
Maßgeschneiderte Factory für die Modernisierung großer IT-Anwendungen: 100% automatisch und deshalb sicher, zuverlässig und fehlerfrei.

ADS – Automatisierte Entwicklung für COBOL und PL/I
Plattformunabhängige Entwicklung für zukunftssichere Back-End-Anwendungen.

SCOUT²™ Development Platform
Optimierte und integrierte Entwicklungsprozesse über alle Software-Komponenten,Werkzeuge und Plattformen: Stoppt den „Kampf gegen die Infrastruktur“.

SCORE® Data Architecture Integration™
Daten als echte Business Services: Schnell, einfach und unabhängig von Datenarchitekturen und Speicherungsformen.

Integriertes System für modellgetriebene Entwicklung von DSLs und Software-Generatoren.

Mit der AMELIO CleanUp-Factory von Delta Software Technology können Sie Ihre COBOL-, PL/I– und Delta ADS-Anwendungen schnell und sicher bereinigen und so die Flexibilität und Anpassbarkeit Ihrer Kernanwendungen zurückgewinnen.

Simply Automate Software Development!

Development: Efficiently Generated

Create data services with only a few clicks, generate software for variants and different platforms, speed up your (product line) development with software generators.

Integration: Simply Building Bridges

Reuse legacy functions in SOA, build composite applications and business services, join different database architectures.

Modernisation: Really Safe

Understand legacy applications, automate migrations, mass changes and architecture transformations.



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